ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure

Carla-Leanne Washbourne & Claire Wansbury

ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure draws together an exceptional breadth of material to provide a complete practical reference on Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) solutions. Written and edited by leading specialists, each chapter provides a contemporary overview of a significant area within the field and guidance on key considerations in BGI design, creation, retrofitting and maintenance. The book will help practitioners to explain the value of BGI, embed it into new development projects, retrofit it to older ones and provide for its long-term successful maintenance.
Key features include

  • introduction to BGI, including definitions, and overarching benefits and challenges
  • targeted chapters focusing on particular project types, landscapes and approaches, including coastal and marine BGI, BGI on highways, green bridges, green roofs, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), trees and soils
  • BGI standards and key issues for the management and maintenance of BGI
  • examples of successful projects across a range of sectors.

Together, the chapters demonstrate how BGI is a vital part of infrastructure engineering design, which can deliver multifunctional benefits across multiple scales and sectors. Part of the ICE Manuals series, ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure is an essential reference for practising engineers, masterplanners, landscape architects, water design specialists, ecologists, development companies and local planning authorities.

Washbourne, C. L., Wansbury, C. (2023) ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure. ICE Publishing.

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ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure

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